Will the LG G7 processor be powered by 7nm or 10nm chipset?

LG G7LG G6 recently hit the market and the discussion about the next G series smartphone, the LG G7, has been started. The device is resistant to penetration of water or dust – “swim” LG G6 can up to half an hour at a depth of up to one and a half meters (certification IP68). According to an Investor, champ LG G7 is going to hit the market in January 2018. The price of upcoming LG G7 is expected to be around 917.126 USD.

According to the tittle-tattle, the upcoming hero LG G7 is coming out next year with an amazing screen size of 5.8” bendable screen. The modish screen technology – bendable display in LG G7 will offer you a 4K OLED screen guarded with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Below you can see the results of LG G6 testing in popular synthetic tests.

In my opinion, the LG G6 camera is open and not ideal, but it can produce quite “flagship” results, especially in a special manual mode; “Automatic” occasionally misses with exposure and color rendition. Very impressed with the results of a night shooting in the city. A wide-angle lens is indispensable in a number of situations, the main problem with it is the lack of clarity of many images. And it’s not the lack of stabilization: on the screen of the monitor, even the photos taken in sunny weather with exposures of the order of 1/500 s look cloudy. But for viewing on the screen of a smartphone or sending to Instagram clarity is acceptable. All photos taken during testing on the LG G6 can be seen from this link (Google Photos). The modish flagship of LG, the LG G7 is a game changer and will hit the market next year with 12MP front cam and 22MP Dual lens back camcorder having Dual color Flash offering 4K qualities naturalistic pictures having super-awesome eye-appealing wide-range colors and great sharpness and contrast.

The interface shell LG G6 “clean” cannot be called – on top of the classic Android here drew a lot of things. And the reason for this, apparently, is the same: the management of the Korean company is still confident that without its “own” interface, the device will lose to competitors. In fact, the non-standard interface only creates additional problems for users who, when migrating from other smartphones, have to master many actions on a new one. However, most LG competitors have the same problems with the inability to abandon their own shells or reduce the modification of stock Android to a minimum. Hope, forthcoming beast LG G7 could be able to resolve all these drawbacks with its modish up-to-date standard and latest Android Version – Android O.

The G6 display has a non-standard aspect ratio, but with the interface, everything is in order, for adequate work of applications and games, a utility is provided for selecting the zoom mode. Separately, you can configure for each application in the corresponding menu. With applications, everything is in order, with the games a little worse, but also quite viable. Hope, the upcoming modish LG G7 smartphone with its up-to-date Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC processor built on 7nm FinFET technology and Adreno 630 GPU could be able to give us a better and faster gaming experience with most of the other tasks.

Source: lgg7d.com


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