Why Big Data Analytics Career is Good For your Future?

Working Professional? Want to move into Data Analytics from a different domain? Software developer to Analyst.

  • Is a career in Analytics fit for my profile? I’m currently a software developer
  • How difficult is it to shift from core software development to Data Science?
  • I am a Software professional and have not studied Economics. Should I move over to Analytics?

We come across some of these questions almost every day. We thought it would be a good idea to share what we think might be called “Career for software professionals in the Data Science Industry”

First let’s understand what software professionals do? What are their skills?


Software developers (or computer programmers) are the brains behind the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems.

Typical education background of a software developer is – engineering Computer science/information technology/mathematics/business information systems or software engineering.

Due to their education and their work experience they are blessed with the following skills

  • Strong in numerical ability
  • Knowledge of Programming languages like Java, C++, Visual basic, Linux etc
  • Analytical Thinking

What are the skills required to be a Data Analyst?

  1. Computer Skills – Data management and manipulation skills are critical to Data Analysts. This comes through languages such as HIVE, R, Scala, and SQL, or Structured Query Language, SQL takes different forms across a wide range of data platforms, such as Microsoft’s T-SQL or MySQL, commonly used online. Building queries to extract the information you want is a must for data analysis.

  1. Analytical Skills
  2. Creative Skills
  3. Numerical and Statistical Knowledge
  4. Business and Communication Skills
  5. Data mining

Ivy Pro School has imbibed languages like SQL, Python, Hive etc along with SAS and R in their Business Analytics Certification Programs for students to be abreast with the latest technologies.

Learning Hadoop comes very naturally to software professionals because it involves having a basic understanding of Java scrip and Linux systems. The Big Data Hadoop Certification by Ivy Pro School includes Hadoop along with VBA, Advance Excel, SQL, SAS and R.

It goes without saying that Software developers can make an easy transition to data Analytics based on their computing skills (useful in learning SQL, Hadoop), Analytical skills and numerical ability to take up Business Analytics, Machine Learning and Hadoop.

Ivy conducts Business Analytics Certification programme as well as Big data Hadoop training as classroom sessions in Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune and New Delhi.

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