Trends that Transforming the Cloud Computing in 2017

Cloud computing has contributed extensively and has helped many enterprises in transforming their digital practices over past 5 years. However, experts confirm that now the market has entered a new phase in which the cloud is breaking down into Public, Private and Hybrid cloud services. As per the survey, 38% of enterprises higher management said they are building private clouds, 32% prefer public cloud and the rest are heading for some latest evolving magma in this mania of cloud computing.

59% of the respondents have confirmed that they would adopt the hybrid cloud. When it comes to the options with regards to the storage, bandwidth, providers and their ranges of services from free to paid, varieties are endless seriously. What tomorrow holds for the cloud computing? If that’s what you are thinking, there are a plethora of surprises a head. This industry is expected to be so much lucrative that even the Giant like Microsoft, Google and IBM are also opening new data centers.

About the Trends! Just take a look at these four trends that are molding this industry into an incredible shape. So let’s did in;

Colocation is rising

Though many enterprises are not very much inclined towards running their own data centers but still ambiguous alongside that where cloud horse to bet on. According to their computing needs, they are turning to colocation from the reliable providers. Experts say that the Colocation it the best option for the companies to move their systems to manage data centers, where they can easily get benefited from great convenience along with connectivity to various public cloud.

You know what’s the most beautiful thing about colocation? The enterprise is just one stop away from the direct high-speed connection to any public cloud provider that even enables you to head on with the multi-cloud strategy.

Serverless Computing

Although it got the traction in 2015 and it even became quite prominent in 2016. But the best thing here is that it’s going to beat the charts for 2017 as well. Don’t get confused with the term server less computing, it doesn’t mean that your computing setup based upon public cloud won’t be having any server. It’s just that you won’t be required to use too many machines, due to which, you will not be wasting the valuable resources on idle machines.

With these emerging trend in 2017, you get a bazillion surprises as well. There won’t be any infrastructural and operational costs involved. Amazon web services are the key players in this serverless computing are Amazon web services, Microsoft and IBM.

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Long-term Customer Success

With the development of technologies, challenges, almost next to a migraine. For the providers are eliminated considerably. After getting rid of these hurdles, they are now in a better position to provide the specialized care for the customer aiding in smooth product adoption and services extending beyond the POS. Focusing on Collaboration Feature, cloud providers mostly believe in enhancing the workflow consequently leading to the maximized connectivity.

Having a hawkish approach with regards to the convenience and connectivity, how the security end could be left untouched! Due to this developing technology, the security measures are also enhanced making their services reliable and transparent.

Multivendor Approach

By the end of 2016, many companies there were already using the cloud servers, stumble upon a situation where one company had two different types of cloud computing requirement. Furthermore, it turned upon so complex that If XYZ firm is satisfied with the Private Cloud service of its vendor but won’t consider its Public cloud services as it’ doesn’t fit their computing requirement.

It was the time when experts introduced the Multivendor Trend. If the Private Cloud service of A-Company and Public Cloud Services of B-company are exactly what you required and what you think is the best, you must go for these then.


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