Top Chinese VPN Services For Your All Devices

Chinese VPNA VPN generates a secure tunnel between your internet and computer. It’s not only limited to the computer. It offers a wide range of services among other devices like smartphones and tablets.

It allows you a secure browsing for different apps and websites. It is made possible after forwarding your connection to another country. It happens because of VPN servers.

It appears as you are using any website or application from another country. Your IP address is replaced with the VPN server IP address basically shows your identity over the internet.

In China, internet users are restricted to few website. They cannot access to different foreign websites, apps, and services in China. The Chinese government has a strict law of Cybersecurity.

It implemented a system called “Great Firewall“. As an alternative, there is increasing trend of using China VPN. Due to this tool, they are easily accessing the blocked content over the internet.

It is not easy for all VPN providers to operate in China. There are a tight check and balance on them too. So for opting VPN services, users have to go for different providers which are under the cover of Chinese government.

For this purpose, there is a website and that website is a VPN review site. It tests and monitors the VPN services which are existing in China. After this process, they recommend us that which VPN is best for us.

We have categorized the different VPNs on the basis of devices.

Let’s discuss them.

Best VPNs for Android and IOs devices:

There are three best VPN services which are as follows:

1. Pure VPN
2. Ivacy VPN
3. Express VPN


Pure VPN is offering its services at best rate. It allows users to enjoy the annual discount. It has over 500 servers which are working in more than 140 countries.

Pure VPN also does have a refunding policy. If someone is not satisfied with it, they can switch to another VPN by getting their amount back.

On the other hand, Ivacy VPN is costly to service. Its users do not have any discount offer. But it’s compatibility with different devices makes it more worthy. It can easily be used on IOS and different android phones. It is working with more than 250 servers in 45 countries.

At the end, Express VPN is working with limited services. It offers its services on few servers. As compared to other VPNs, it does not provide customer support.

Instead, it works on the ticketing system.

Best VPNs for MAC and PCs:

There are following two VPN services which are suitable for MAC and PC users.

1. VPN Area
2. Cyber Ghost VPN


VPN AREA is very easy to use. It provides the user easy interface. It also very easy to install on windows. One of the US website Netflix is only accessible because of this VPN.

Its performance with Netflix shows its technical capabilities. You can also watch different banned programs through live streaming on it.

While on the other side, Cyber Ghost VPN allows you fastest internet surfing with 100% security assurance. It also offers 73% off on the 24-month plan. These two things are reliable for the users to depend on it.

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