Top 6 Best Apps New Mommies Should Have

If you are a new mother, you have come to the right place. There are a number of apps that are helpful for both newly conceived and born babies. Be a 21st century mommy and download some of these great apps.

From your baby bump to nursery items, apps will help you with everything. Some would even go as far as suggesting the best baby shower gifts for a friend.

We have compiled a list of best apps we could find. There is versatility there and every chance that you will find a perfect app for yourself.

Best general pregnancy app:  The Bump Pregnancy app


We love the Bump app. It is absolutely everything a new mom would want. There is a wealth of information, we are talking about articles, QA, expert opinions and more. There is also a calendar telling you how far along you are and what to expect.

The best feature, however, is the community section where there are forums. We are talking about 16 million moms and moms-to-be. You can benefit greatly if you download the app.

Best nursing tracker app: Baby Tracker Nursing app

Baby Tracker Nursing app

The most frustrating thing new mommies go through is planning and keeping track of everything. Diaries and journals of young moms and moms to be is like a website’s source code – it is that messy. But the Baby Tracker app takes care of it. The app contains a timer and a nursing history log. It becomes very easy to share this data with your doctor. You can track up to six kids on the app.

Best growth app tracker: Growth app


Tracking your baby’s growth is the most heartening aspect of parenthood. Nothing can describe the feeling of watching babies grow into big kids and way too quickly. Say adios to the markings on the walls and papers that you lose everything you walk out of a pediatrician’s office.

There are various templates you can choose from and monitor the growth of your kids from birth till they are 20 years old. There are charts, graphs, and analytics. Best of all: no signup or login required, the app syncs with your phone is a WhatsApp like manner.

Best journaling app: DayOne app


DayOne app is one of the best parenting apps out there. It can really help you organize your life better. You can journal your baby’s life as it happens. It is photo-driven and has many outstanding features. It is ridiculously easy to use.

The DayOne app allows you to export your data in a PDF format. The best feature has to be voice recognition. You can dictate the app while you are busy with other stuff.

Best app for keeping an easy timeline of milestones: Lifecake app


The Lifecake app is a combination of text journaling and photos. It gives you a timeline from the day your baby and born and then allows you to enter data. There are easy share options to social media.

You can share your toddler’s “achievements” with your family members or more specifically grandparents. You can share it with your entire contact list if you feel like.

Best photo sharing app for the whole family: 23snaps

You can describe this app as mini Facebook for parenting activities. 23snaps lets you create a profile for each of your children. There are a birthdate and an avatar. There are photos, videos and status updates.

It does not limit the number of photos and updates you can add. You can access the app or email.

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