Top 5 best color tools available for use by web designers

Color selection is a very significant choice that web designers need to make since it directly influences the impact on their designs. Putting together the right colors to illustrate your ideas requires considerable knowledge of color theory that many designers find problematic. Saad Raja discusses the following five tools will help you in creating your workable color palette very easily:

1) Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC is one of the finest free color tools available, and it helps you design your own color schemes, and at the same time, explore palettes that others have created. All you need to know is the color rules such as only using monochromatic or complementary color shades, and the tool allows you to choose your own colors for the palette. You can click on each color and explore different shades of it to customize your choice. The themes you create can easily be saved to your Adobe library for future use.

2) ColorDot

ColorDot is another remarkable free online tool that helps you select and save your chosen colors with a simple mouse click. It also allows adjusting the color brightness by moving the mouse up and down, and color saturation by scrolling the mouse. Clicking the cog icon allows you to view the RGB and HSL values of the colors while clicking the mouse on a color saves it to your color palette.

3)  147 Colors

147 Colors is an excellent free tool allows you to have a glimpse of all standard colors and color names to let you pick the ones that you find appropriate to your design. It offers 17 standard colors, with 130 CSS color names making it a combination of 147 rainbow colors that you can choose out of.

4) Color Palette Generator

This tool is perfect if you want to make a color palette from an existing image. All you need to do is upload an image, and the generator will create a palette of the 5 main colors that it contains. Clicking on the colors will also allow you to copy their HEX value to your clipboard

5) ColorCode

ColorCode is a more detailed version of ColorDot concerning the guidance it offers. It allows you to get different options on the color wheel and then create a different combination. Finally, you can save your palette and export it to PNG or as SCSS files, etc.

So the next time you want to generate your color palette without spending a lot, these tools are what you need to search for!

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