Top 5 Best Android Sports Apps To Help on The Move

Best Sport apps

Exercise is an activity that we must keep, to maintain fitness and endurance of all types of diseases, very many types of sports that you can play at home or in the field with ease and relax. but still if done alone will be very boring.

Now you do not have to worry if you want to exercise alone because there are many android sports that can accompany your activities. These applications can also be your assistant in setting the pattern of the sport that you will live from a marathon or run regular, Fitness and its diet, and much more types of sports that already exist for android applications And Also Download Facebook Video Downloader Apk Android App.

Some people already know what to do before and after exercise, but whether your activity is effective. With the help of the following applications, you will be nurtured and taught how to exercise good and true from warming up to the cooling stage after exercise.

Virtuagym Fitness Tracker

Virtuagym Fitness Tracker

This application is a simple Fitness app that can guide you what moves you need to do to make a six pack body, raise muscle and much more, equipped with guidance move in 3D animation and there are times. so you feel like you have a personal assistant to do Fitness at home.

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For those who are on a diet, this application is perfect for you. You can adjust your diet and choose what type of exercise is suitable for rapid weight loss. you can track your sports activities and feed intake and see statistics for your weight loss.

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Endomondo – Running & Walking

Endomondo Running and Walker

This app can record your tracks of activity in your workout, you can make a stopwatch as you run and this app will be your assistant in analyzing the distance and average speed you are running or cycling. you can also share activities that you live to social media.

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GuardiApp Sports Lifesaver Lite


Exercising alone is quite dangerous, especially if you have an unfortunate event like an accident or injury. This application can help you if you experience it, this application has an alarm if it all happens and will automatically send an SMS to the number of relatives or friends you register.

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StrongLifts 5×5 Workout Plan


This is a simple application in doing a workout trainer to make you stronger and more muscular, like for example making your training schedule a week 3x and every 45 minutes training class. You can see statistics about how much you weigh a month later if you follow the instructions you are instructing.

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