The Ultimate SEO Team: Who They Are and What They Do?

SEO teamIf you’re planning on building your own SEO company in the Philippines or an in-house team for the company you’re working in, look no further. Here are the primary components of an effective SEO team, with their positions and their roles in a nutshell.

The SEO Manager

Every team needs a leader, enter: the SEO Manager.

In order to operate an SEO company or agency, of course, there is a need for a leader who will facilitate the operations, initiate strategy planning, and create specific goals as the business requires. More so, he negotiates with clients, fixing the budget allotted for the project, and makes sure that the needs of the clients are being met.

While taking care of the clients is one of the most significant roles of the SEO Manager in the team, it’s also important to look after the employees. Aside from assigning tasks to each them, the SEO Manager should also make sure that the subordinates are content, healthy, comfortable, and motivated in the workplace in order to deliver good, quality results.

The Content Writer/s

The content writer is the main source of blog posts, guest posts, landing pages, and others that the team will need in order to optimize a site and rank in search results. They are your source of creativity.

However, not all writers are creators. Hence, it’s only important that you choose one that can create a brilliant piece for your clients’ sites. Through this, it will be easier to rank organically in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.

More so, due to the growing industry of digital marketing, search engines are becoming more sensitive to content. Hence, every piece should be unique, and informative at the same time.

After all, content is king.

The Graphic Designer/s

Content is more attractive and effective with images. This is where the graphic designers pave their way to SEO.

In order to make a content work out there on the Web, both content writers and graphic designers should work hand in hand to successfully publish a great content.

Likewise, with content writers, graphic designers should have the eye in creating great images that will be able to deliver the context of the article. Otherwise, this will be disastrous.

The Link Builder/s

In order to boost traffic to your clients’ website, you’ll be needing a couple of link builders to help you with. Basically, they are in charge of communicating with other people in order to gain backlinks and build a wider network for the business.

Link builders may communicate with a thought leader, a blogger, and content curators who have reputable names over the Web. Similar to content writing, the links that are being built should also be of quality. This is to make sure that the backlinks you solicit do not affect your rankings the other way, and which might cause the dropping of the site in the search results page.

The Social Media Specialist/s

Social media is the current medium when aiming for traffic. In the first place, social media is the best place to interact and inform people of your content.

Social media specialists typically handle Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media accounts on behalf of the clients. Mainly, all contents being made by content writers are being promoted on the said platforms by social media specialists.

But of course, it’s not just about posting content, these people also make strategies that will help align their activities and contribute to the rankings of the websites.

The Web Developer/s

In order to attract traffic, a great user experience is also being taken care of in SEO with the help of a web developer. Basically, they are those who have the know-hows in creating websites in order for it to perform great and not test the attention span of every other visitor to the website.

In SEO, a website’s performance is based on speed. If the website loads so slowly, this can make the users switch to another website that wouldn’t make them wait for them to access the content.

Furthermore, web developers also create great tools that can help in making SEO easy.

The Web Designer/s

Alongside developers are the web designers. Mainly, what they do is handle the design of the website in order to provide a beautiful and user-friendly user interface for the audience.

Likewise, with the graphics designer, web designers should have the eye for a great user interface that wouldn’t compromise the main functionality of the site.

The Accounts Manager/s

Often times, the load of an SEO Manager can be overwhelming, especially with a lot of clients, hence the need for an accounts manager.

Basically, the accounts manager takes charge on all accounts, the money that comes in and out of the business, and also the salary of everyone in the team. More so, they also manage the clients that pay the business for the service.

What makes accounts managers also significant in the team is that they are in charge of the reports. From the generation to keeping them confidential given that they are all about the work, clients, and employees.

Another thing is that they are also in charge of communicating with clients and potential clients. Attending to queries to keep the clients happy and satisfied.

The Conversion Rate Optimizer/s

Conversion rate optimizer is an optional member of the team, though also significant in the event that you have a lot of clients to provide service for.

What the role entails is that it conducts split tests to be able to further optimize processes and of course, boost conversion rate to convert those visitors into paying customers. The person in charge for this position is beneficial to the team in terms of the revenue, the profit, and the traffic, at times.

Key Takeaway

Whether you’re choosing them for your agency or the company’s in-house team, make sure that these 9 individuals can deliver quality results and can comply their respective roles. This is to ensure that each area is covered, and can help the business operate effectively and productively, and consequently, satisfy the clients’ needs.

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