How to save battery life on iPhone or iPad devices

How to save battery life on your iPhone or iPad devicesIf your iPhone or iPad devices are getting older or you have too many apps on them then these devices would probably be delivering poor battery life. Many apps, which always stay connected with the server, need too much of battery power.


Several instant notifications and other pop ups come with a cost and, it’s of course paid by the battery of your devices. Because they need to process several things, the processor of a device has to work more and to do that all, it will need more and more battery power.


You may think that using one app at a time and closing others will let your device has more battery than Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig  Federighi has already confirmed a year back that it just doesn’t work and not improve battery life.

Putting on Airplane Mode?

Putting a phone on Airplane mode just defeats a purpose of owning a phone because it will not receive any call, text or connect to the internet and as you connect it to Wi-Fi and cellular network, it will start draining a lot of battery. In this can, even if the phone is not connected to Wi-Fi, it will look for local networks to connect to. So when you do not need to connect to any Wi-Fi network, you just turn it off. This also applies to tablets and laptops.

Low Power Mode

When low power mode is enabled and battery reaches 20%, the device shuts down many things such as turning off screen quicker than you normal settings, stopping functions like SIRI, background app-refresh, and automatic downloads. This little setting can arrange several hours of more battery life. The feature is available in the iOS version 9 onwards.

Background App Refresh

You can get a bit more battery life when you turn off background app refresh. Do it by going in Settings > General. Also, you can choose which apps should be able to refresh and which don’t.

Turn Down Brightness

This is a known way to save battery life. Go to Settings and then Display & Brightness and turn down the brightness. This can be done in areas where there is no bright light. Make sure auto brightness is turned on so that your device can automatically detect the brightness in darker environment and adjust light accordingly

Turn off Bluetooth and AirDrop

Both of these features keep searching for devices to connect to. If you do not frequently need Bluetooth and AirDrop, turn them off then by going in Settings or you can easily turn off them both from the quick Control Center which is available to the bottom of the display.

Turn Off/Adjust Notification Center

You can turn off notifications for the individual app. Do it by going into Settings > Notifications and scroll through all your apps to turn on/off.

Battery Usage

Check which app is using the most of the battery of your device. Do it by going into Settings > Battery > Scroll down to “Battery Usage”. If the battery power is more important for you than the apps consuming it, simply uninstall all these apps.

Disable Any Auto Downloads

If you don’t need auto downloads, check for the apps which do that. Turn them off to save a bit more battery in your device.

Turn on Auto-Lock

You can save the battery of your device by turning on auto-lock that locks device in every 30 seconds when it’s not used.

Follow these tips to have more life to the battery of your iPhone and iPad devices.


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