Samsung Galaxy S9: will be the favorite of gaming community?

As for Game Launcher, we see that Samsung focuses on letting users play in the Galaxy S8 plus. It has support for almost every game on Google Play and does not have any interruption when playing with notifications, calls, phantom ringtones and more. Samsung has made its personalization layer become one of the best of the moment, but still not perfect, since we noticed some lag in the launcher by default when opening the application drawer. Nothing alarming, but that is Samsung must fix. From Bixby, we will not say much. An assistant who still cannot prove, and those we will give our opinion later. Clearly, that Samsung should note an improvement to be fixed in the next Galaxy S9 is the Bixby.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The camera and the screen continue to last year’s height. Let’s start with the multimedia section with the screen. 6.2 inches with FullHD + default resolution but that can be QHD +, Gorilla Glass 5 and a pixel density of 567. A screen that has had quite controversial by the subject of the red screen but the problem that we do suffer, that we have already commented. As for the quality and technology of the panel, Samsung has made this SuperAMOLED screen the best on the market, with great levels of brightness, with a very good interpretation of colors and less saturation than other years. A spectacular screen that thanks to the design, makes us plunge into the smartphone. Infinity Plus display of the next Samsung Galaxy S9 can be even more interesting.

The camera of this Galaxy S8 + has lights and shadows, and we will start with the bad, which is the least importance. We are seeing in the market how Google gets some spectacular photos with HDR + mode, iPhone gets a unique portrait mode with its double camera, Huawei bets on two cameras, one monochrome and another not, and LG bets on another dual camera module with a wide angle, and what does Samsung do? Well do not innovate, just slightly improved last year, which is not bad, since the S7 Edge had one of the best cameras on the market, but we could have asked for some innovation. But here things will go ahead once the new sensor from the Samsung makes to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus.

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After commenting on this, we will comment on what is the camera of this smartphone. We have been able to test it in all kinds of conditions: interiors, exteriors, low light, and we have realized that we have an “off-road” camera. It does not fail at any time; it always brings out a good photograph, with very good quality, with little saturation in the colors, very good interpretation of the colors and enough light. Perhaps at night, we can blame it that it still “yellows” the photograph a little, but still, it becomes one of the three best cameras of the moment. Colors are nice with the Galaxy S8 camera, but we find iPhone 8 to stand better. But this stand will be replaced once the Samsung introduces the Samsung Galaxy S9 to the world.


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