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Rooot Explorer

There are many applications in Android that can navigate within the internal memory or SD card of smartphone to view folders or files to perform the operations of his choice. I used Linda File Manager for a long time, then I switched to AndroZip mainly for its extraction and zip compression functions. But all this is over because now the best file explorer is called Root explorer!

Root explorer Pro is a free application for Android that will allow you to better manage your data on a daily basis. It is a system that allows you to efficiently manage your multiple files and folders for faster access.

You will thus be able to benefit from an interface very easy to use and practical that has two independent control panels for better management. This will allow you to better organize your files by categories and preview them if you wish. On the other hand, with Free Root explorer APK, you can also store your files to online storage spaces like Dropbox, SkyDrive, google Drive and many others.

Available for free and beta on Google Play for devices with Android 2.2 or higher, the features and interface  of this new app allow it to be number 1 of file explorers !

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To start with the visual aspect one notices that it is beautiful, it is clean, it is purified, and to top it all there is even a declension of the main theme in black.

The interface consists of two file explorer panels that are completely independent of each other, allowing the user to navigate to different folders and perform various operations in these folders. Whether you are in portrait mode or landscape mode, both panels are present: in landscape mode you can view both folders as shown in the screenshot above, while in portrait mode you can switch between panels As if to move from one page to another on a book. I find it rather practical since it allows to view two files at the same time.

On each folder or file it is possible to access a submenu that allows you to open the selected item in a second panel, to bookmark, copy, rename, delete, access the properties, or Compress in zip, tar.gz or .rar format.

Where Root explorer APK is very good, it is in the properties of a file but especially a folder! The application allows us to get full information about the selected element and displays some in the form of diagrams allowing a more comfortable viewing. On the screenshot above, I took the example of my SD card and Download Root explorer apk shows me the folder rights, the use of the memory space, the size of the folders it contains, the total size of files classified by type, etc. Personally I found it powerful and it’s a feature that hit me in the eye!

File explorers have become true file managers over time. The Play store is overwhelmed with “explorers” of all kinds. Some are genuine gas plants.

The best ones offer approximately the same features:


  • Support for your online storage accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud services)
  • The integration of multimedia players or image viewer (ideal for preview),
  • Automatic classification by category (images, music, documents, video, download …)
  • Network browsing (FTP, SSH FTP …)
  • Support for the most popular archive formats (creation and extraction of RAR, ZIP, 7ZIP files …)
  • Application Manager
  • Shovel Sorting Options


Root explorer Pro APK also allows access to different shortcuts via the “jump” button. Shortcuts rather practical and they provide access to two “clicks” to different main folders (root, SD, Photos, Downloads) but also to favorites or even connect to an FTP server or a service cloud storage as Dropbox.  The blow of the connection to dropbox is clearly a little more for the application!

Through the menu it is possible to access an option called “Operations” which allows to view the operations in progress but also the history of the operations carried out. By operations, I mean of course tasks such as rename, move, or delete an item. It is not a revolution but it can always be used to know what the last operations were done in case of glitches!

I have briefly presented here only a few of the features proposed by Root explorer apk download that have marked me, but know that there are others like the possibility of sharing files with other computers or smartphones to As long as they are connected to the same network (it can be practical in the classroom, for example)!


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