Reliance JIO SIM home delivery within 30 minutes

Pilot program As we all know, Reliance Jio has shaken the whole telecom sector with its Welcome offer. Customers welcome this reliance Jio SIM offer with open arms.

Reliance stores were flooded with people to get Jio SIM. Many people are still not able to get Jio SIM for themselves.

Now Reliance Jio has launched a program which will end this situation. It is now easier for people to get Reliance Jio SIM card.

Pilot program : Jio SIM delivery in 30 minutes

Reliance has recently launched a program called ‘Pilot program’ to make it easier to book their SIM cards. This will save people from standing in the long ques to get Jio SIM card.

Reliance Jio launched Pilot program in 8 major cities in India. These major cities are Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmadabad and Chennai.

Pilot program is in its beta stage and company says that an individual will get an invite from the company. No one can request an invite even reliance employees will not be able to do so. Once an individual gets an invite, the person will be able to schedule the Jio SIM card delivery and it can be delivered as soon as 30 minutes.

But how and who will get the invite no one knows and it is still a mystery. So if you are a lucky person to get the invite then please tell us in the comments section below.

Reliance has also announced an offer for housing complex and enterprises. In this program society/officecan invite the Jio representative to visit their complex/office to setup a helpdesk, from where people can get their Jio SIM card through their Adhar card instantly.

This program can be availed through Jio’s website or by giving a missed call at 1-800-200-200-9 and get the invite link.

Please tell us in comments section below if you get your Reliance Jio Sim by any of the two programs.

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