Here is How to Protect your Android Device from Virus

Do you like to see various photos, videos, games and many other files on your Android device? Do you rely on your Android device for sharing different important things? But what if your Android device gets affected by virus or malware? Don’t worry, you can fix the issues and can keep your device safe from the virus by following some simple steps.



Mentioned below are some tips on how to keep your Android device safe from the virus:

Make sure to update your Android version:

It is very important that you update your version of Android. The process of updating not only provides new features but protects your device from malware. In order to update your device follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Click the Settings icon.
  • The go down to about phone or About tablet, according to the device you are using.
  • Finally, tap Software or System update.

Try not to install applications from unknown sources:

Always check that your Android device allows applications to be installed from Google play store. In order to do it follow below-listed steps:

  • Go to the Settings and then to Security.
  • Go down and then search Unknown Sources under Device Administration.
  • Finally, make it unchecked.

Set a password on your Android to restrict unwanted downloads:

In case you let others use your Android device, it is must that you set a strong password to prevent downloading of new applications. Most of the parents, who don’t want their children to download new costly applications, do this. Follow the provided tips to activate it:

  • Go to the Google play store application.
  • At the top right tap the menu button.
  • Then click Settings and search for User Control.
  • Tapping Parental control turn on the slider.
  • Finally, create Control Pin as needed.

Always go through and try to understand permissions:

In the Google Play store when you tap the install option, the device will show a dialogue box that contains App permissions. Go down and click See all to verify everything that the particular app tries to access on your device. Some apps genuinely have to access certain features of your device such as your internet or device storage. But if you feel something fishy try not to install the app.

Make sure to install a reliable free antivirus software:

You can use much easy and free antivirus software. Try to install them, and be sure to update them from time to time.

  • Always rely on your common sense:
  • First of all, never click on any fishy link. Delete anything that you find suspicious.
  • Don’t go for any email that you receive from an unknown source.
  • Don’t download any illegitimate or pirated app, as it can hack your device and can make your private data public.

If you feel anything suspicious go through the provided tips and try to fix the issue. But even after applying them all, if you can’t resolve problems easily, go ahead and give a call at avast tech support number.

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