Jio New Plans Announced with Double Validity and Data

Welcome back our dear readers to our top tech stories. This is most important information here we have with us. As we all know Jio has announced Jio new plans on 11th of July.

Jio had announced about three months ago that if you do the Rs.303 recharge you had validity for about three months. Now it’s July and if you have recharged with the same plan that it might be getting expired.

After that announcement, Jio has not announced any new plans but last week they have announced some Jio new plans and these plans actually offer you double validity and double data.

Also, some of the exciting plans will be available like for the most popular one, the recharge for Rs.309 was going to offer you 28 days of validity but now it will offer you twice of that and you still get that 1 GB per day data.

These plans are not restricted to just prepaid ones even postpaid also have a new plan which is 399 plan and this will have a validity of 84 days.

Let’s check out the complete plans in below image.


Jio Plans

As you can see here that the plans are starting from Rs.19 but the most interesting plants start from Rs.309. We can see that initially it was offering 28 days of validity but now you get 56 days of validity with that 1 GB of data per day.

You also have to look at one more plan of Rs.349. This also has a validity of 56 days and here you get about 20GB addition data that you can use on that 56 days.

We like Rs.399 plan because this has a validity of 84 days and this is also offering 1gb per day so we feel this 399 plan is the most affordable as of now.

As you are getting 84 days of validity with 1GB of data per day so this works out to be the best one as of now.

Also if you want more data Jio have this 509 plan for you and this will have a validity of 56 days and this offers 2 GB of data per day.

Jio has done a great job in providing plans to users and this is not just restricted to prepaid plans like many other ISP do. All of them give good plans for prepaid only and they don’t care about the postpaid.

Jio is providing all the plans to the postpaid users also like 309 plan gives you validity for two months, the 399 plan will give you validity for three months and again the 459 validity is about two months but with 2GB data per day.

This is a great move by Jio and definitely, it will intensify the competition.

Let us know what do you think about these new Jio plans and are you going to upgrade to the same. Also, share with us which plant will you be opting for.

We would love to hear your feedback and comment in the comment section. If you have any doubt and needs further information regarding the Jio offers and plans.


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