Inspirational TED Talks by Tech professionals

TED talks are now a common theme among professionals and researchers, as it helps the next generation learn from their experiences and progress more efficiently in their careers. Consisting of different durations ranging from 10 minutes to half an hour, these sessions allow audiences to be more enlightened and sometimes even entertained.

The goal of these talks is not to market or promote a brand, but to increase awareness in a field or profession. This is designed to engage the target audience in such a way that they grow intellectually as well as morally. The Tech TED Talks introduce the audience to new and better tools which are shaping the world for the better and how they are influencing the lives of people. We pick our top 4 TED talks which are destined to excite techies,


Hugh Herr

Hugh Herr is a bionic designer at MIT, who emulates and creates mechanical limbs designed to help humans overcome the barrier and handicap of losing their natural ones. This is one of the most inspirational and breathtaking TED talks which introduced a video showcasing the Boston Marathon victim who had once lost her limbs but was now dancing with the help of her newly developed bionic limbs.

Nick Bostrom

Philosopher Nick Bostrom discussed in a 16 minute TED talk the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and how it is expected to change the dynamics of the world. He believes that the gap between human and artificial intelligence will not be met within a couple of centuries but a couple of decades. He discussed now the newly developing intelligence will win out eventually due to its versatile and fast thinking process. He encouraged researchers to introduce human values to the machines rather than just human functionality so that a conflict could be avoided in the near future. He believed that the human survival will be based on a computer’s preference rather than our own.

Chris Milk

 Virtual Reality is the prodigal advancement destined to change the world with its immersive experience to its users. Chris Milk, who is a music video director highlighted how VR allows users to experience a video with more empathy. He worked with the United Nations and created a VR film called “Clouds over Sidra” which was a story about a refugee girl living in Jordan. The point of view life experience is a gripping and overwhelming experience and Chris believes is a gateway to human understanding.

Kenneth Cukier

 Data editor for the Economist, Kenneth Cukier in his TED Talk, “Big data is better Data” discussed how the new storage strategies on the cloud are allowing not only data viewing but better data understanding. It allows new artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to refine the data collected and use it in a more productive way in the future. He discussed how it’s helping them develop better solutions for human accessibility as well as healthcare support.

These are a few examples of inspirational speakers who have lots of knowledge to give and can inspire a whole generation of aspiring techies. All we need is to lend an ear.

Author Bio: The author, Mark Hansen is a research analyst at a renowned university in the UK   help with assignment writing . He occasionally contributes to e-zines and tech journals and discusses latest innovations.

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