How to Increase Charging Speed?

Nowadays, phones aren’t just for calling and texting. Ever since the introduction of smartphones, the use of mobile devices has broadened even more, from surfing the net through WiFi connectivity to playing or streaming music, to even playing games for entertainment. With that said, with the help of a simple app that unlocks devices — like the HTC Desire 626s— people may use their mobile device for an abundance of reasons, all of which aims to entertain and satisfy the user.

While using your phone can bring you joy in times of boredom, it can only be achieved when the device runs smoothly, meaning it would have to be charged on a regular basis; however, while it can definitely prolong your phone’s life, charging your phone can definitely take some time, especially when you really need to use it.

Luckily, like anything else known to man, there are ways that can help speed up the charging process. If you’re wondering what those are, here are some things you can try:


Using the Right Charger

When you buy a new phone, it automatically comes equipped with a charger; however, since phones nowadays are versatile in use, there are instances where pretty much any charger can be used for any phone.

With that said, it’s still recommended that you use the charger that’s actually meant to charge your phone. Not only will it help preserve the battery and speed up the charging time, but it will also prevent you from misplacing your charger.

Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode

There is no doubt that you may have heard of this particular tip throughout numerous forms of media; but nonetheless, this remains true.

When one turns on airplane mode in their phone, true to its name, it shuts down all apps that emit signals, which in turn prevents any problems that can be encountered during a flight; and when one uses this for charging purposes, their phones will be able to charge twice as fast since all of the other apps are turned off. If you ever need to charge your phone in no time at all, then this tip was made for you.


Use a Wall Plug

Since almost everything is mobile, charging your phones through a USB port seems like a practical idea for many; however, it isn’t really recommended simply because they just drain the batteries of other devices in order to replenish their own. So, in order to avoid that, why not charge your phone by plugging it into a wall plug instead of a USB port? Not only will you get your phone charged, but you’ll also be able to do so without worrying on power drainage.


Remove Your Phone Case

When plugging in your charger, it’s important that it’s able to fit right. If your phone happens to come with a phone case, then you might want to keep reading.

Phone cases are made to protect your phone from external threats, as well as save your phone from falls and slips. While it’s built to do that for your phone, your phone case can be an inconvenience for your charger, especially when you’re plugging it in. With that said, take off your phone case for a hassle-free quick charge.


Make Sure Your Phone is Cool

Heat in your phone can definitely spell a troubling time, especially when charging. For this, make sure that your phone’s temperature is at its coolest. The cooler the phone, or less heat for it, the better.


Key Takeaway

Charging your phone is a surefire way to prolong your phone’s life. The important thing to consider, out of everything discussed, is to make sure that your phone does not overcharge. That way, you may spare your phone from any further damage.


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