How a DRM Tool Can Secure File Content and Information?

As your business grows, you will likely deal with more and more data. So, you will have to maintain a large set of documents, files or even eBooks. And, you would not want some confidential information falling into the wrong hands as the subsequent damage to your business could be huge. This means that you must ensure that the content of such documents is safeguarded and there is no misuse of the same.

This is where a Digital Rights Management (DRM) tool can help you. It is a computer program which adds DRM controls to your document and its content. It thus secures the document information by monitoring and restricting its use.

The documents that are controlled by a DRM tool can either be for machine processing or for human processing (reading). It is difficult for any DRM software to exercise controls over your document’s content in such a way that they last, even when another machine program processes the same. In comparison, it is relatively easier for the DRM tool to apply controls on files that are to be read by humans.

Regardless, the objective of such software is to prevent any unauthorized use of your files or their content. For this purpose, the DRM solution ensures that, when you provide document access to certain authorized users, the authorized users do not pass on the document’s content to others who may not be unauthorized.

For example, an authorized user can recreate the secure document in a form that does not contain any of the controls applied by DRM. Hence, the aim is always to avoid any such misuse, even by authorized users as, ultimately, they will get access to the secured information first. This is achieved by securing information at the file level.

Such a method to secure file content ensures that the DRM tool is able to protect all types of information, some of which may be highly important, while others may not be important at al (securing file information overall). The tool also assigns the same rights to users who belong to the same category or group. In this way, it does not have to deal with the complexities involved in providing security to your files at a very granular level.

A DRM tool can also link the user identity to the secure file content. So, it exercises the right controls for the appropriate users and prevents any information theft or misuse. For example, even in the case of an authorized user trying to print copies of your eBook or document, the watermark feature of the DRM tool will dynamically capture the user’s name, email ID, date or time stamp, and so on.

Also, such DRM software can be used for PDF documents, images, web pages, flash, e-learning courses, and more. Whatever information you are trying to secure using this tool, the primary objective remains the same: To control who uses your data, where and when he or she uses it, for how long they can access it, and what he or she can do with it.

We hope that the above details about DRM tools prove useful to secure documents for your business. Feel free to share any feedback or queries in the comments section below.

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