Gadgets for Tech-Savvy Doctors

Gadgets for DoctorsIn India, doctors are given the utmost respect. People consider doctors as equivalent to the God. Like tech savvies working in other fields, doctors can also be tech savvies. Some of them have a great attraction towards technologically advanced devices. Thanks to the technological advancement, it has hit the medical field as well.

Now, tech-savvy doctors can use some greatly-designed gadgets to make the treatment effective. Here, let us explore some latest gadgets that will help doctors to a great extent:

How about a digital stethoscope?

If you are a tech-savvy doctor, you might be using a stethoscope. Of course, all doctors use such gadgets. If you have a digital stethoscope you can hear the heartbeat of patients even more precisely.

Even though this device is small as compared to a regular stethoscope, it is more powerful. This means that it will fit right into your palm. But, it can amplify the heart rate of patients over 100 times as compared to regular stethoscopes.

You might be surprised to know that it is plug and play compatible. This means that you can listen to the heartbeat of patients through earplugs or headphones. Even, you can connect it to a computer or smartphone or tablet to record information directly into the Electronic Medical Record System of the patient.

What if you can view the veins of patients with ease?

This tech gadget called as AV300 Vein Viewing System will help doctors. Particularly, it will help doctors like diabetologists and neurologists.

In general, the former specialists will have to diagnose whether the pain in their patient occurs due to damage to the veins. Experts are of the opinion that vein and nerve damage is common for patients with long-term diabetes. So, to rightly diagnose the issue, diabetologist can use this device.

As it is a small unit, it can be easily carried around by doctors. So, when they are treating multiple in-patients, they can easily carry this device to each room.

Will it not help if you can instantly get the body temperature of a patient?

Earlier, doctors have to wait for at least 10 seconds to read the temperature of a patient. But, nowadays, thermometers have become smart. An excellent example is an infrared thermometer. This thermometer can help to read temperatures within a second.

This gadget works on AAA Batteries and pediatricians will greatly benefit with this unit. Even, moms of little kids can use this device to measure the temperature in bath water and milk bottles for babies.

How about having a pocket-sized Ultrasound Scanner?

One more helpful gadget that will help doctors for examining their patients is GE VSCan. This is a pocket-sized ultrasound unit. It permits doctors to gain access to many systems in the human body. Yes, they can scan thoracic, fetal, urology, cardiac, and abdominal areas.

The good thing about this device is that doctors will not have to wait for reports. Also, it will help with avoiding unnecessary testing. As the doctors can quickly get the scan report, they can decide on the treatment immediately without any delay. This will help them save the life of patients in some instances.

To make accurate medical readings:

Accurate medical readings become something highly important in some instances. For instance, in the case of patients in ICU, doctors will have to continuously monitor the patients. Here, the EarlySense System will help them a lot.

It will help doctors to capture all data related to a patient. As every data is digitally recorded and sent to the EMR of patients, the human errors are nullified. This will help doctors to safeguard themselves from any medical errors.


In addition to these gadgets, doctors can use many other gadgets. Google Glass, Wacom Intuos, Fitbit and Adheretech’s Smart Pill Containers are some examples. Not just doctors some of these gadgets will ensure better doctor-patient co-ordination. Tech-savvy doctors can use these devices to make their job easier and more fulfilling.

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