The do’s and don’ts for selling smartphone

If you are a smartphone geek, you will try to get your hands on the newest thing possible. That means disposing of the old one for and get a good bargain. Life is hard in the tech world, especially if your wallet is that of a commoner not a millionaire.

It is never a wise idea to not sell your smartphone. You may have a personal attachment to it, you may be too lazy to sell it, you may not have time but think of it this way; your old smartphone is useless. You don’t need two phones, no one does. Therefore the wisest possible thing to do is to sell your smartphone, make sure you get a fair bargain, upgrade to a better model.  And with the demand for cheaper phones increasing, so too is the market for used devices

It is, however, easier said than done. The mobile phone retailers will never give you a good price for a second hand smartphone. Your options for selling old smartphone are limited but you can still make the most of them.

Here is the checklist,

Make out a detailed and honest description

In order to save your time and the other person’s don’t lie about the condition of your smartphone. Buyers these days are not gullible, they are smart and no one would buy a phone from you without thoroughly checking it.

Make sure you enter a detailed description. If you are selling through a website always include pictures from different angles. Never use stock images or fake images, your chances of finding a genuine buyer would go down significantly.

Timing is crucial

Smartphones age amazingly fast these days, in a matter of month your smartphone becomes outdated and you crave for a new one. Sell your phone as soon as you find the need to buy a new one. Don’t wait too long, the pricing and value of your phone will only go down with time and never the other way around.

Where to sell it?

You can go to your carrier but that is a slow and lengthy process and it may not give you the best pricing. The best options are to sell it online. Do not sell on social media or any other generic platform. Make your item available for sale on a specific and targeted platform like eBay, Craigslist, Swappa and Gazelle etc. There are hundreds of platforms you can find.

There is a reason for selecting dedicated platforms for buying and selling. First of all, the traffic is targeted and these are serious people looking to buy, sell and trade. Next, you will good showcased in much more effective way. There are thousands of potential customers online on Craigslist but how many people are likely to see your Facebook post or Tweet? And most of them are not even looking to buy anything.

The pricing factor

The best way to determine your pricing is to log onto one of the sites we have mentioned in the previous point, search your mobile name and model and see what the average standard price is. This study of other users will let you determine the accurate pricing. If you overdo it, no one will buy from you as they have other options remember. And needless to say if you undersell it then you are the one in the loss.

Your own personal security

Finally, you must always make sure you’re a secure. Meet the buyer at a neutral location preferably during rush hours and at a public place. There is just too much mess going around in the world, your safety and security should be your foremost concern.

The red flags are; a buyer too keen to meet you no matter what pricing you give. A buyer who wants meeting to take place at late night and at remote locations. Anyone who asks too much details from you about where you live and if you live alone and tries to dig in, all these types of people are the ones you should stay away from.

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