Comparison between vs – Which is better vs are actually the different platforms.

WordPress is one of the best content management system (CMS) but we have two platforms with almost same name and New bloggers often get confused with the same name and chose the wrong platform.

Every newbie have questions in mind like which is the better platform – vs and want to know the difference between and

So, we are here to help the beginners with WordPress platform and do the most comprehensive comparison of free vs self-hosted

We are also going to highlight the key differences between vs and help you in choosing the right platform for your beginning.

If you are starting a business then choosing the right platform in starting is very crucial for your success. For your online success, it is necessary to have a complete comparison of vs and also you should know the key differences between vs

Let’s start with the differences between self-hosted vs

The best way of the comparison is to understand individual platforms and then have exact vs comparison. also known as “the real WordPress”, is the most popular website for the bloggers and have some great things to know about it.

It is an absolutely free and open source platform. What you should have is a domain name and web hosting service with you. With these two things you are going to self-host your website, that is why it is also known as Self-hosted WordPress.

Here are the pros and cons of the Self-hosted

Pros of provides you the full control over your website or blog. You are free to do anything with your website and customize it completely as per your need. Here is the list of key benefits of

  • It is easy to use and absolutely free.
  • You have complete control over your website. No one is going to interfere with your work and tell you what you can do and what you cannot do. You are the owner of your website.
  • You can completely customize the view, style and look of your website. The owner can have easy maintenance of your website by adding free and paid WordPress plugins to your website.
  • You can completely customize your website by yourself if you are a programmer or by simply adding the already available free and paid themes to your website and make your website amazing and awesome.
  • You can run your own ads on your website without sharing the revenue with anyone.
  • An online store can be created to sell any products, also on, you can have payment gateways and also delivery management on your website.
  • You can also have membership websites and make money by sell memberships to your premium contents and courses etc.

Cons of


With so many Pros there are few cons also of site. Here are the cons of

  • You will be requiring a hosting service for your website where your website files will get stored which is definitely not going to be free. You have to pay some amount initially and bought a hosting plan for your website. But if you really want to make some money on your blog then it is just an initial investment and better than sharing your revenue with someone.
  • This is self-hosted WordPress and you are having full control over your website then also you are responsible for the backups of your website. There are tons of WordPress backup plugins are available to setup automatic backups of your website. is free you do not require to pay any amount to WordPress but you have to pay for a domain name, hosting service and if you want any paid theme and plugin then you have to pay for it. is the best platform for your website and we recommend to every blogger to start with the is created by the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. It is the hosting service and due to having the same name the users get confuse it with

Pros of


The has 5 plans including a free plan which is a good choice for hobby bloggers and for those who don’t want to blog as their passive income.

Here we have the benefits of using

  • WordPress is absolutely free for small website up to size 3GB. But if you want to have more space than you have to switch to a paid plan.
  • com will take care of the updates and backups. So, you don’t have to worry about these.

Cons of has several limitations over

Here are the disadvantages of using

  • WordPress shows their own ads on your website and you will not get any money for it if you are using free plan of WordPress. To get rid of these ads you have to go for paid WordPress plan.
  • You cannot have ads on your own ads on your website. If you want to make money by showing ads on your website then you have to apply for their own ads program WordAds, where you have to share your revenue with them.
  • You cannot upload your plugins. You get Jetpack pre-activated for a free plan. Business plan users can have a pre-selected plugin to be installed on the website. However, VIP program lets you install plugin of your choice but for VIP plan you have to pay $5000 per month to
  • You cannot have your custom themes on Some limited free themes are available for the free plan users. Premium themes are available for the paid users they can also use the custom CSS codes.
  • You are restricted to statistics. Google analytics or any other powerful tracking tool cannot be added on Business plan users can have Google analytics.
  • com can delete your website anytime whenever they think it violates their terms and conditions.
  • com will always display a powered by WordPress link on your website, it can only be removed by upgrading to the Business plan.
  • eCommerce websites and payment gateways cannot be created on
  • Also, the membership websites are not offered by

As we can see have very limited features for free users. Even premium don’t get much from the Only the Business plan user can enjoy the full features of having a website but for that, you have to pay a huge monthly subscription amount to

Now the real question comes – Which is better or


If you are a hobby blogger and want to have a personal blog for writing and sharing only and don’t want to make money by blogging even not in future then you can go with free version.

If you are having a business or you want to make money as a blogger from your site, then the right choice is to go for self-hosted provides you the complete freedom and flexibility in growing your website according to your requirements.

On you can have many advanced features by having a business plan but in just a portion of that much money on self-hosted, you can go much further.

How to start a website on


Only a domain name and a Web hosting are required to start a self-hosted WordPress website.

What is a Domain name?


A domain name is nothing but an address of your website on the internet like or etc.

What is Web Hosting?


Web hosting is the service provided by the WordPress hosting services. Hosting services provide you the space to store your Website files.

Here, on Technology Flair we use Bluehost for hosting as they are one of the best and largest web hosting services in the world. Also, Bluehost is the officially recommended hosting provider for the

Bluehost provides our user 60% off on hosting with a free domain.

Bluehost hosting discount

Final thought on choosing between vs


We can have a comparison of these platform as a rented house and an own house. In rented house, you cannot have full access to everything you cannot do the customization and you do not have the full right to your place, just like where as in an owned house you can do whatever you want with the house which is same as having a site.

The same domain names create a lot of confusion between these two platforms and this can be really bad for the beginners.

We hope that this article helped you in choosing between the two platforms vs If it is really helpful then share this article with your friends and followers. Also if you have any doubt or want to start a blog of your own then we are here to help you anytime.

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