Cagabi One: The World’s Cheapest smartphone going to hit market soon!

Cagabi is the new company wants to enter in the mobile market. It is going to debut with its ultra-cheap phone Cagabi One.

Cagabi has build its relationship with the big suppliers like Samsung, Sony, LG, OV etc. These companies will supply the components to Cagabi.

Also the Cagabi One is claiming to have the best screen and camera in its entry level phones.

As compared with the other phones with same specification, Cagabi One could be the World’s Cheapest smartphone.

Also the One is going to feature a technology like “Shatter Shield” which is also available on Moto Droid Turbo 2/X Force. This technology is also called “G+F” technology.

The one will also have Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on outside screen as well as anti-force protection layer on the inside panel. With these protections the screen can tackle with the dropping and collision. Even if the Gorilla glass get broken the anti-force layer will protect the circuit and construction of the phone

Let’s check out the Cagabi One display specifications

  1. 5” IPS display from LG
  2. 1280*720 resolution
  3. 450cd/m² brightness
  4. OGS full lamination
  5. 5-point multi-touch
  6. 175°viewing angle
  7. Glove mode

Also the camera quality of Cagabi One going to be competitive in the market

Camera Specifications

  1. 8MP rear camera from OV; dual camera flash
  2. F2.0, 28mm
  3. 5MP front camera from OV; selfie camera flash

Cagabi One can hit the market with a very low price range of $40 in pre-order.


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