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Listening music is a type of passion for maximum peoples across the world. Presently a large amount of music library we can get or access through our smartphone only. Among them, some users are there who generally uses the Android devices and some other uses the iOS devices too. But here we will only discuss the music library or music stores which you can easily use in your phone beside the iCloud Music. As we know that iCloud is the dedicated music store app which is developed by Apple Corporation. If you store your music in iCloud Music library then it will easily accessible from any iOS devices or Mac or PC. Thus it helps you to save your phone or device memory from being occupied by music tracks.

Here in this topic, we are going to discuss the best music library music stores in iTunes to download for free. There are various music stores apps available in iTunes which you download and install on your iOS devices for free. The main benefit of these apps is that you can search for any latest and old popular songs for free and save it on the iCloud. Now we will start to discuss the best Music library store app to download for free from iTunes.

List of best Music Library music stores in iTunes for free download:


You all have reached to the section from where you all can able to download the best music library music stores for free from iTunes. Let’s have a look on these applications mentioned below and if you want then download them easily from the iTunes store.

1. iCloud Music:


The iPhone, iPad, iPod users already know about the iCloud Music library app which comes inbuilt with the iOS devices. This is a very useful feature which you can get on iOS devices. It remains pre-installed with new iOS devices. When you will turn on this feature from the phone settings, then you can easily move your tracks into the iCloud Music storage. Even you can easily access those songs or tracks from other iOS devices, Mac, PC etc. Just you need to provide the same login credentials while accessing the iCloud Music app. Besides that, if you want to download any new music then directly you can search and get on your device through iCloud Music only.

2. Sound Cloud-Music & Audio:

The next app which we are going to discuss here is Sound Cloud Music & Audio. From the name of this app, you can guess that it is a music library app which is available in the cross platform.  But here we will talk about the Sound Cloud which is free to download for iOS devices from iTunes. You can stream, browse and discover new music in various languages and save it through this app in the cloud for playing it in future anytime anywhere. On the basis of your likes and requirements, they will suggest or refer some of the best-related tracks as well. Create customised playlists and save your favorite songs according to your best moods.

3. Google Play Music:

Another best music library store for Android as well as for iOS devices is Google Play Music. This is a multi-functional app through which you can save, browse and listening music from local storage as well as through online. Even you can save your tracks to the cloud through the use of Google Play to free up your device space. Up to 50,000 songs from your local storage you can able to save in the Google Play music cloud storage at no cost ever. The user can experience an Ad free un-interrupted experience while playing or listening music through this app on their iOS devices. Some other features which come with this app are offline listening, on demand access to more than 40 million songs, create own playlists etc. and much more.

4. Music loud:

Now here we will start to talk about a Musicloud app which is available for iOS 9.0 and later enabled devices. With an ease, you can able to download and install the Musicloud app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod directly from iTunes. Almost like the other apps, you can easily get the similar features from the Musicloud app as well. The best features which are provided by the Musicloud app is that listen and enjoy your favorite track in good sound quality, access the tracks through iPhone, iPod, iPad. Even you can save it in Google Drive, One drive, Drop box and access directly from that drive too. Easily you can download the Music Cloud App for free from iTunes Store.

5. Sound Hound:

Sound Hound is an iOS application which works as a music store or library to holds a huge list of music tracks. This is a music player cum library to browse various songs from various sources. So if you want that you will keep your device free from music tracks, occupying space in your phone the Sound Hound is the best choice. Create your own playlist and choose your favorite tracks from a variety of tracks. Every track comes with specific lyrics and you can view it in this player easily. After discovering the new tracks, you can share them easily with the social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, email etc. and much more.

So these are not the end as there are many other music library music stores available in iTunes for iOS devices. The top five best music library apps we have discussed above for all the iOS users. Those who want to save their music tracks on cloud and keep their phone space free then these five apps are the best choice for you all. Go through the apps which we have discussed above download them from iTunes only. Choose any one of the apps and then download on your iOS devices. Even you can also use the dedicated iCloud Music service which comes inbuilt with iOS.


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