Are You Safe on the Road?

Bike Computer is there for Rescue

Bike Computer PremiumAccidents in bicycling are an ever-present danger.

Bicycle accidents are divided roughly into major and minor. Major accidents, including deaths and life-changing injuries, have been the reason for the creation of the Keep Me Safe Feature in the Bike Computer app.

One of their users, Vasko Cvetanov was very lucky to end up only with minor injuries thanks to their Keep Me Safe Feature.

He has a very powerful message for all the cyclists around the globe.

This is his story…

Bike Computer Team dedicated two years of research and development, and additionally recruited pro cyclists as advisors before Bike Computer came to fruition. The aim of the project was to give something different to cyclists, or at least a complementary app to their current roster of favorite apps.

Bike Computer is 12% more efficient in terms of energy consumption compared to the current highly rated apps such as Strava, RunKeeper, Endomondo, and others. While at the same time it has a deep integration with Strava, which lets you easily synchronize your activities.

Bike Computer is more accurate than most popular bike computers!

Their proprietary algorithm tricks your sensors by cross-referencing data between them to ensure maximum accuracy.

At only 5% cost of Garmin Edge 500!

We’ve asked the Bike Computer Team what is new in the app too.

‘’We are super excited to let you know that we’ve finally released our premium version.

  1. The new Premium features include:
  2. New Customizable Dashboard
  3. Keep Me Safe
  4. Dark Theme
  5. New metrics ( Cadence, Elevation Gain, Elevation Loss…)
  6. Live Chat
  7. Premium Deals”

Bike Computer is free to download for Android and iOS , although to unlock all features you need to subscribe.

What is the process of adding new features?

“Adding new features is part of the challenge and it has been tremendous fun, mainly because we like to talk to cyclists and through research and discussion to find out what they care about”, says Ivan. Cyclist keeps asking for a darker display for night rides, and they recently added a Dark Theme, detailed analytics for rides and cycling metrics that other apps like Strata are charging for.

What is the newest feature in Bike Computer?

The newest feature is Premium Deals.

What is Bike Computer Premium Deals?

BikeComputer Premium Deals is like Groupon for cyclists.

Premium Deals is a service for BikeComputer users in which they learn about premium deals and products from the sport that is their passion. They get a discount on their favorite cycling kits. We have 22 cycling brands added in the app, so they can pick what discount works the best for them.

Who gets the discount?

Only premium users will get a discount. Other users will be able to see the shops and visit the website by purchasing the product. but without having a discount.

How is the User Response?

6 out of 7 would recommend Bike Computer!

What are the Potential Problems?

Already resolved!

As soon as Bike Computer hit more than 350k downloads on Google Play, their team that is building the app sat down and started discussing the development of the new features. They had the full cyclist’s attention, and they wanted to respond positively to their trust.

The goal was to give cyclists a unique minimal screen so they can focus on their metrics in real time. From then on things took off. There were hundreds of downloads from US, UK, Colombia, and Brazil which was an incentive to translate the app in Spanish and Portuguese.

Currently, it is translated into German, Russian and Ukrainian.

They are constantly adding new languages.


Bike Computer is free to download for Android and iOS , although to unlock all features you need to subscribe.

Download it and enjoy your rides 🙂


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