Android Hacks and Tricks that You Should Know in 2018

In this Digital Age, where our households are flooded with gadgets, smartphones, and devices of all shapes and sizes, we all have our preferences (in gadgets). Some people find Apple’s iOS handier and easy to use and hence prefer iPhones and iPads. And many prefer Android-enabled Phones and devices, claiming that they are easier-to-use and give you more space and freedom.

Since there is always an overwhelming hype about the iPhone, and you can find many pieces of information on the hidden hacks of iPhone, in this piece of writing, we are going to tell you about certain less popular hacks, tricks, and features of Android. But you need to be essentially subscribed to one of the best ISPs in town to enjoy all the amazing features and hacks of Android. Check out Optimum Internet Plans and enjoy uninterrupted, high-performance Internet.

►  Save Battery with Dark Themes and Wallpapers

Android Devices mostly come with OLED screens, so dark themes and wallpapers can save some of your battery. Unlike LCD displays, OLED screens have pixels that produce light of their own. In the case of white, brighter the pixels, more power is consumed.  Black consumes no energy, as it is an unlit pixel practically. So, darker the background or screen of your screen, less power is consumed of the OLED pixels.

►  Clear/Change App Defaults

All Android users are well-aware of this frustrating thing that when they open a link, instead of opening in the browser, it opens in some application. For instance, it could be a tweet, a YouTube link, or some Facebook page. And you will have to wait until your Smartphone shuts Chrome down (or your preferred browser) and starts with some App.

Well, we are here to rescue you. It can be easily fixed.

Go to Settings then Apps and see which application keeps opening. Just scroll down and you will see Open by default, open it and then select Clear Defaults.

Still, if it doesn’t work, try the same with your default browser Application as well.

►  Animation Scales

There is a recurrent complaint about how the latest Android smartphones feel very snippy. And consumers are becoming more and more interested in Google’s product line, which is gaining popularity after the release of latest Nexus 5X, that disappointedly, has only a 2 GB of RAM.

Also, many popular Android phones essentially come with a RAM of only 1 or 2GB and slower processors.

Here’s a handy solution, to at least make your phone feel a little faster. Change your smartphone’s Transition animation scale, Window animation scale and Animator duration scale, to 0.5x from 1x.

Go to Settings, then Developer options, enable Developer Mode, and then scroll down to see related options.

►  Use Priority Mode

This mode is perhaps one of the least-used and least-rated features of the entire Android operating system.

In a nutshell, Priority mode gives you the liberty of putting your phone in quiet mode, whilst still allowing some noises and sounds to get through. Be they texts, calls or WhatsApp texts from some particular contacts, or alarms and important alerts, or notifications from particular Apps.

Go to Settings, then Sounds and notifications, and then Do not disturb, now simply select the option that you want.

From the Quick Settings menu, it can be easily toggled off and on as per your need.

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►  Screen Pinning

If you have kids and tots, who use your phone frequently, and you have been there when they accidentally finished your Data limit, or caused a massive amount of bill or watched something that is inappropriate for them.

Here is how you can easily avoid all the aforementioned scenarios. Firstly, Enable the mentioned feature, that is turned-off by Default. Go to Settings and then Security and scroll down to Screen pinning.

To pin a screen, Open an App, to pin the screen, you have to press the Overview button and then, pin icon.

If you wish, you can easily choose to PIN-protect your pinned screen.


► Change Your WiFi Network Quickly

Most of the users don’t know how to quickly switch from one WiFi network to another since it is not that obvious.

The normal course is going to the Settings, then going to Wi-Fi, to change it. There has to be a faster way than all this drill and yes there is. You need to Swipe down from the top of the screen twice, to open Quick Settings menu, and just click on network’s name (instead of clicking on WiFi icon, because it disables it). And you get an immediate display of all the available networks in the vicinity.

Just make sure you are subscribed to the best ISP in town so that you can discover all these amazing tricks and hacks in your leisure time. Check out Optimum Deals to avail the benefit of the customized options that they have to offer.

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Alex Brian is an entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. As Hawaiian resident, he loves beaches and bathing in the sun. That’s where he finds his inspiration to author in-depth guides that teach E-commerce store owners ways to manage, grow and scale their business. In a former life, Alex co-founded a custom menswear company which generates 6-figures in annual revenue through its website and retail.
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