6 Quick Tips about Mobile Application Security for Android and iOS

Smartphone applications are the most prevalent trend. The uncompromising demands of the users compel the makers to think differently and bring out unique solutions possible. With added ease and demanding stature, app development has become the most sought after solution. This creates the possibility for more creatively designed apps. Apart from this, one other core issue is the application security. Is your application really secure and free from ailments? Mobile app data hacking has become altogether a nouveau concern in the world of technology. Applications are considerable targets for the malicious attackers.

Undoubtedly, mobile apps provide a large database of users. A maximum number of applications have at least 3 out of 10 OWASP’s major security vulnerabilities. Shockingly, even then, a majority of android app development companies do not allocate any of their expenditures in the mobile app security system.

Mobile hackers, who intent to breach the security of your application can perform below activities:

  • Put in malware in the application to reach to the vulnerable data. It can also inject the malware to reach to keystrokes and get the screen passcodes.
  • Eavesdrop the important or sensitive information.
  • Can steal the identity of the owner for trickery.
  • Can get the access of some of the important and secured assets.

Mobile applications and the APIs need to be completely secured to restrain any type of data breach and vulnerability. Especially, the applications which cover an extensive amount of data should not compromise with any kind of security breach.

How Can a Mobile Application be secured?

Some of the prominent features, which we consider while securing an application are idea, design and smooth functioning. We hardly consider the security of the application and the consumer’s data. Below we have some tips to secure your applications:

Application Code Security

  • You can protect your applications with encryption. Obfuscation and minification are some of the measures to keep it in check. Also, you can keep up with some of the modern and ongoing algorithms.
  • Testing the codes for any kind of susceptibility.
  • Security application code should be updated and mutable between the devices.
  • Security of the application should not be performed without a smooth functioning of the application. User experience should always be up to the mark and flawless.
  • Relying completely on the app store approval can prove to be completely futile.

    Attempt for the Network Connection Security

Cloud servers should go under complete security measures to avoid any kind of unapproved access.

  • Getting advice from a network security specialist can benefit you, in the long run, to ensure that your network is protected rightly.
  • You can also practice containerization, in which, you create and store the data, documents as per your convenience.
  • Methods such as Database encryption, Transport layer security and extra security can be your added tools in this.
  • Federation is completely another level method to put the resources across the servers. It keeps a wall between users and encryption measures.App security

    Keep Authentication and Authorization in Check

Authentication and authorization adds a protective layer in the process of security. You can follow below tips to keep it in check:


  • If your application is not running on its own API, then it can be a red flag scenario for you. Running an application on someone else’s code increases the dependency factor. Rather, you can provide a limited access to your application to the other party. This will keep the maximum sections of your applications, completely secured.
  • You can rely on some very advanced solutions like OpenID Connect. With the help of an ID token, you can easily put the use of same credentials in so many platforms.

    Choose, how the customer data can be secured

According to the varying bandwidth and quality, you can always choose a different place to store your data, other than storing them in the application.

  • You can use some security measures such as file-level encryption to keep it protected from any kind of ailments.
  • If you design the applications, very vulnerable data can be saved.
  • In case, some certificates are visible to hackers, you can always choose to go with key management.

    Plan a Considerable API Security Strategy

A major aspect of securing the application is about securing the APIs. APIs carry the data among cloud and various users. This directs us towards a peerless API security:

  • A comprehensive API security comprises of authentication, identification, and authorization.

    Device protection

Application makers cannot do a lot with the device security procedure. Below, we have mentioned some of the aspects of security issues, even if a device has been stolen or misplaced.

  • A rooted device leaves a lot to the security and vulnerability issues.
  • Always try to get the apps from secured sources.

Mobile devices are most in use and most prone to insecurity. These are the most vulnerable, in terms of stealing important data. With a robust, mobile security plan, you can always choose to protect your applications with a quick response. Let your application be more secure and convenient place for the users. Security is the only way, with which, you can maintain an approachable stature in front of your clients.

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