Top 5 Best Job Search Apps You Need

Top 5 Job Best Search Apps

Are you doing multiple jobs at a time yet still not satisfied with your salary structures? Or simply, do you hate your boss and want to switch over? But you don’t have enough time to sit on your PC and search for new jobs over the internet.

Well, now you don’t have to worry about job searching because just like other everything, job searching is also available on your Android phone. You just have to download some job hunting platform on your phone and that’s it. Now you can search jobs anywhere like going to the office on the bus, sitting in the café etc.

Here is the list of some wonderful apps for job search you can have on your phone.

Indeed (iOS, Android)


Indeed is said to be the best app for job searching all over the world. Just like other platforms like CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn Indeed are the most comprehensive platform for job-hunt. Indeed allows the users to upload resumes and just click the apply button. The UI of the app is pretty much user-friendly and looks like a total desktop version.

Indeed is a search based platform means you specifically enter the desired position you want. The app also requires you to fill some formal question related to the job you are hunting and then upload the cover letters, resumes, and portfolios etc. This thing sometimes becomes hectic from a handy device.

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Good.Co (iOS, Android)


Good.Co is a platform for job search based on your personality. Searching for the right job is just like searching for what you want and Good.Co gives you the opportunity to discover your requirements for the job. It gives you a questionnaire related to your personality evaluation like, what are your key strengths? And how can you manage stressful situations? etc. You submit the answers to these questions and then Good.Co based on your submitted personality profile presents you the jobs offers and organizations suitable for you to join. One thing about Good.Co is that you can just search for jobs and not apply using this app. In order to apply for searched jobs, you are directed to other online job portals.

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Switch (iOS, Android)


This one was suggested by our colleague Sam Murray. The switch is a new kind of job hunting tool, very handy and user-friendly interface is available. The best thing about Switch is that you simply search for the job as per your requirement, skills, and personality and apply with your phone in just one click. Just import your personal profile form social media like LinkedIn and click apply. The employer can see your identity only if your profile matches his requirement. Unlike other apps, the switch does not need you to have an online account first and then apply for the job, which is an incredible feature of this app. Unfortunately, this app is recently in the development stages, so you may not find a vast majority and diversity of jobs here.

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Glassdoor (iOS, Android)


Glassdoor is a well-renowned platform for the desktop. Now you can have the same experience on your phone as well using this app. Apart from having a large number of updated jobs, Glassdoor provides you an opportunity to know well about the companies from their current and former employees. This app gives users a wonderful experience to have by having different sections like jobs, companies, interviews, and salaries etc.

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Simply Hired (iOS)

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is another job hunting app on this top 5 list because of its continuously updating trait. This app gives the users an opportunity to search for jobs based on the date and relevance, instead of providing an endless list of jobs just like other platforms. The homepage of the app displays your current searched jobs and gives you the option to save and share jobs as well.

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